The lessons that camp gives you stick with you for a long time.

April 26, 2021

Summer Camp: Camp Wakonda

What can camp do for you? Camp has allowed me to grow as a person, given me a chance to learn to lead others, and work on who God has called me to be.

Coming up on my third year, I’m excited to see what new moments of growth, opportunity and life experiences that will happen and how God will lead me through this next step. I have felt a major difference in my level of confidence from my first moments of being a first-year staff and now as a third-year staff. The difference is crazy!

My first year, I was constantly worrying about messing up something, or not doing my job properly. It’s also a huge learning curve trying to learn how to lead young people and do your job. You enter extremely intimidated by the older more experienced staff because they are the “camp pros.”

However, every summer you come back, you slowly realize you are the camp pro. You learn so much your first year, and not all of it is even about camp. You learn how you teach, lead and learn. You learn how to listen, understand and interpret tasks in your own way. You learn to think about everything through the lens of serving Jesus!

The confidence you build as you learn more and more, and get better at your job gives me hope for the future that God has in store for me. The environment from camp allows you to quickly become close friends with others, and they are bonds that you do not lose quickly. It’s definitely something that is more a deep end learning experience.

It has taught me so much in the past three years that I will never forget. The lessons that camp gives you stick with you for a long time.

So, what can camp do for you? Find out! Either work at camp, or just attend a summer with your friends or family. You will not regret it! #LoveLikeJesus