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January 7, 2021

Lake Union Herald Survey Results

We asked and you responded. For that, we are very grateful. 478 of you took the time to give us your candid assessment of the Herald content — what we’re doing well and how we can improve.

We are already incorporating your suggestions and redoubling our efforts to bring you important news and information from throughout our territory, as well as stories to deepen your relationship with God, for such a time as this. —Editors

On a scale of 1-10, the overall content was valued at 7.55 
On a scale of 1-10, the overall content was valued at 7.55 

How survey conducted:

Published in Herald magazine in March through September 2020 issues

Promoted via all our conferences and Andrews University newsletters, Herald social media, Herald newsletter subscribers, Facebook ads


Where respondents were from:

  • 13% ‒ Indiana
  • 15% ‒ Illinois
  • 8% ‒ Lake Region
  • 44% ‒ Michigan
  • 12% ‒ Wisconsin
  • 2% ‒ None
  • 6% ‒ Other


Most popular content:

Back pages (News, Mileposts, Classifieds, etc.); Lifestyle (Alive & Well, Family Focus); Feature articles, and Evangelism columns.


Sampling of the most memorable topics in the last year?

  • Personal stories, testimonies
  • Articles about the Trinity
  • Pathfinder (Camporee) articles


A few of the least favorite things about the magazine?

  • Article printed on colored paper. Sometimes it is very hard to read.
  • Can't understand the Hispanic message.
  • Would like to see articles that challenge me, not just stuff I already agree on.
  • I find out about events after the fact and would’ve like to have gone.


Some suggestions for improvement:

  • Add more true live stories of people’s experiences. What happened to them and how they grew from it and how God helped them.
  • Better content that is relevant to living life in the trenches.
  • Feature youth and young adults in one way or another.



  • 82% read most or every issue
  • 80% think length of articles should remain the same



  • On a scale of 1-10, the overall content was valued at 7.55 


Age of readers:

  • 1% ‒ under 25
  • 4% ‒ 25‒34
  • 16% ‒ 35‒49
  • 29% ‒ 50‒64
  • 51% ‒ 65 and over



  • 66% female
  • 34% male


We promised you that two survey participants would receive a $50 Amazon gift cards. We had a live drawing on Dec. 3 (see our Facebook page or YouTube channel) and the winners are. . . Mandy Lehman and Tammy Greene. Thank you, everyone!