May 1, 2024

The Blessed Hope

The programming for this year’s Indiana Camp Meeting on the campus of Indiana Academy is designed to encourage you as we await His return.

Beginning with the opening service on Monday evening, June 3, presentations will highlight prayer, personal stewardship, outreach training, family life, healthful living, and specific messages about the second coming of Jesus.  

Our prayer is that you will be encouraged in your personal walk with Jesus as we prepare to meet Him, who is indeed our Blessed Hope. 

Children’s programming, designed for toddlers through teens, will provide enriching Bible presentations and plenty of recreation and fellowship. Additionally, family-fun activities will be scheduled for each day. 

On Sabbath, June 1, our Hispanic single-day camp meeting called Día de la Hermandad (Fraternity Day) will take place in the Indiana Academy gymnasium. Our second annual one-day Haitian gathering will again be held at the Cicero SDA Church on Sabbath, June 8. This year will also include meetings for young adults on Friday evening, June 7, and Sabbath morning, June 8. Another feature for the weekend of June 7 and 8 will be inspiring music provided by The King’s Heralds. 

We look forward to sharing this special week with you and your family. Why not invite friends and fellow church members to join you for this special gathering? 

Beth Bartlett, Indiana Conference administrative assistant