October 27, 2021

Healing Through Music: Wisconsin Physician to Join King’s Heralds

The King’s Heralds has captured the hearts of Christians all over the world. With a music history spanning more than 90 years, this journey has just begun...

The King’s Heralds has captured the hearts of Christians all over the world. With a music history spanning more than 90 years, this journey has just begun for Mark Ringwelski, who recently decided to leave his medical practice to follow God’s call into full-time music ministry.

Formed in 1927, the King’s Heralds began its humble journey as a small college quartet, eventually becoming a part of the Voice of Prophecy radio ministry where their unique a capella sound added a special touch to H.M.S. Richards’ radio ministry. Over the nine-decade-plus run, only 32 other people have sung in this quartet; Ringwelski is now the 33rd person to join the group.

With his extensive experience in occupational medicine and impressive résumé, the natural question to ask is why Ringwelski is changing careers at this point in his life. He said his decision to leave his practice may be a mystery to some, but it was the right move for him and his wife, Susan Slikkers. “I’ve already done the Dr. thing….  Now I’m ready to go full-time into what I am passionate about.”

Since childhood, music has played a significant role in Ringwelski’s life. Although he has practiced medicine for many years, he has used his talent to bless others in his workplace and various religious venues. During his time at Bellin Health, Ringwelski and Susan have helped to organize a benefit concert which takes place each year called, “Doctors In Recital.” Every January, musically-gifted physicians from across the medical systems in Wisconsin share their talents to raise money for non-profit organizations in the Brown County area; over the past 12 years, more than half a million dollars has been raised.

Last September, he got a call out of the blue from the leader of the King’s Heralds. “I was shocked when they called me for an audition,” Ringwelski said. He prepared several songs for his audition and a month later drove to Tennessee. Everything went well and, a few days later, he was invited to join the group singing lead vocal.

He spent a few more days in prayer before responding, and concluded that the call to join the quartet was from God. “It wasn’t something I went looking for,” he said. “I got a call out of the blue which was a sign that God was calling me into a different direction.” He and Susan are now preparing to move in spring to Nashville, Tennessee.

Don Scroggs, the group’s leader and first tenor, remarked, “We all have a calling, and a calling for a singer is from birth. It’s not something that you learn. When you hear a great singer, you know that God has touched him. The question is, ‘Will you follow that call?'"

For Ringwelski, he has made up his mind to follow the call.

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