Five teams from the Wisconsin Conference participated in the Conference level Pathfinder Bible Experience on March 2, 2024. | Photo by Chelsea Evans

March 7, 2024

Twenty-two Teams Advance to Union Pathfinder Bible Experience

Following the local conferences’ Pathfinder Bible Experience testing, 22 teams placed first and advanced to participate in union level.

This year, teams were tested on their biblical knowledge of the books of Joshua and Judges from the New King James Bible, along with the Seventh-day Adventist Bible commentary. 

  • The big picture: The Pathfinder Bible Experience is the official North American Division Pathfinder Bible study program. Some affectionately call the program Bible Bowl. Each year, teams of six club members study a book of the Bible (alternating Old Testament and New Testament), memorizing large portions of God's word. 

  • How it works: There are four levels of competition—area, conference, union, and division finale. Teams answering correctly within 90% of the top score qualified for the final level of testing, which is the North American Division.  

  • What’s next: The Lake Union Pathfinder Bible Experience testing is scheduled for March 30, 2024, at the Berrien Springs Village Church. Top scorers from the union go on to division-level testing, slated for April 19-20 in Greeley, Colorado. 

The following teams qualified to participate in union-level testing: 


  • Elmhurst Sentinels - The Spies of Israel 
  • Fox Valley Maranatha - Team A 
  • Fox Valley Maranatha - Team B 
  • Brazilian Community Gideon’s Army 
  • Hinsdale Fil-Am Challengers - Joshua's Spies 
  • Joliet Timberwolves - Team 1 
  • Maranatha Eben-Ezer 
  • Ottawa Knights 



  • Indianapolis Central Falcons 
  • Chapel West Eternal Flame 
  • Angola Hawks 
  • Lake Region 
  • Shiloh Trailblazers 



  • Eau Claire Critters - The Zoo 
  • PMC Evergreens - Juniper 
  • Kalamazoo Kampers - PBE and Jam 
  • Ann Arbor Anchors 
  • Centreville/Countryside 
  • Stevensville Challengers 
  • Berrien Watchmen - Joshua 
  • Berrien Watchmen - Judges 



  • Watertown Sentinels - Team A 
  • Watertown Sentinels - Team B 

Lake Union Herald staff