August 27, 2018

Unexpected Answer to My Prayer

It was a busy day at Andrews University during the 1974 fall registration. I found myself in the administration building for the final step of making financial arrangements to attend. When questioned about how I was paying for first quarter, I told them I had $1,200, which wasn’t enough. “Perhaps you can come back next year,” was the response I received. That night I slept in my car and prayed, “Dear Father, I need help. Please find a way.”

The next morning I waited to talk to someone about attending classes. At the end of the day, a lady came up to me and asked, “How can I help you?” “I want to go to college and I don’t have enough money,” was my reply. She asked me to follow her to an office. After a short conversation, she told me to go to Meier Hall for a room and that I could attend classes the next day! She also arranged a job for me as a janitor. “Thank you, Father. Help me make the best of this opportunity,” was my prayer that night.

The men’s dean called me down to his office the following year. “I’m sorry, Rocky; we can’t let you continue to stay in the dorm. Your account just doesn’t have the funds.” I went up to my room discouraged and didn’t know what to do except pray. Kneeling beside my bed, I began my prayer. “Dear Father. Once again, I need your help. I want to continue my classes but need a place to stay.” A knock on the door interrupted my prayer and I was told I had a phone call. 

“Hello?” An elderly voice came on the extension. “My wife and I have an extra room and we were wondering if you would like to stay with us? We are both retired and would enjoy having someone around.” “Yes!” was my quick reply. “How did you come to phone me?” He explained, “We thought about it and decided to pray to find someone who might need some help. We closed our eyes, opened the Student Cast, and put our finger down on your picture. We then called Meier Hall and asked for you.”

I went back to my room and finished my prayer. “Thank you, Father, for taking care of me once again.” I am reminded of the verse, James 5:13, Is any one among you in trouble? Let him pray.