June 26, 2019


It is fascinating how we internalize this notion that we are victims of stress, time and busyness. It is as if we are completely defenseless, running in a hamster wheel, out of breath, often stumbling, sometimes falling, taken for a constant nauseating spin.

I don’t have time,” has sadly become a staple phrase in most peoples’ vocabulary. We have adapted to simply reacting to whatever is thrown our way, and often times, we are not prepared, nor do we have the resources to react in a way that helps us to actually master the bump with grace, strength and wisdom.

To actually start living our lives to the fullest, we need to seriously shift our mindset, our thinking, and our locus of control. Life is scary; it is hard; it is often unfair. But continuing to point our finger at something or someone else to take responsibility for that which is actually ours to carry, will not take you on the path to living up to your fullest potential.

Please do not misunderstand me! I know we cannot control a lot of things that are thrown our way. But I believe we CAN choose how we will respond. I also believe we can train to be ready and fit for those moments in life where things can shake us up, knock us off our feet, or where the battle seems endless. Will you freeze? Will you stay down? Will you just react rather than fight?

If you are tired of being stressed, too busy or not conquering these hurdles in front of you, and you are ready to get off that hamster wheel, I am cheering you on! Do it! Today is a great day to start taking responsibility and making positive choices!

This choice will require a number of important elements, such as being honest with yourself, re-organizing and prioritizing your values, activities, schedules, relationships, and caring for your body, mind, spirituality and interpersonal connections.

We need to create intentional goals and a specific plan of daily action for how to better care for all of these areas. Rather than reacting, we start living a life of training, preparation and execution. You will start feeling more balanced, more at peace and more in control. The beauty is, even when you do get knocked down, you will not stay down for long, because you have trained to be unshakeable. Being unshakeable does not mean that you will not fall — it simply means you are prepared to fight and have built up resources to be able to fight.

Here are some basic ideas for starting your training to become unshakeable:

1.     Spend a few minutes every day in meaningful connections with God.

2.     Start incorporating 30 minutes of intentional exercise into your daily routine.

3.     Create a gratefulness jar; add one note of gratitude into it daily.

4.     Pick one person in your network each day to whom to send a message of care, kindness, love or encouragement.

To live your life to the fullest and be unshakeable, you must choose to change, take responsibility and get off the hamster wheel. You are strong, beautiful and capable. You have been created an extraordinary being with great potential. Do not hold yourself back. Become unshakeable!