F. Brian Stephan and his wife Cindy plan to relocate to Michigan to be closer to family.

March 2, 2023

Wisconsin Administrator Announces Retirement

F. Brian Stephan, executive secretary and treasurer of the Wisconsin Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, announced today that he will retire on July 1, 2023.

Stephan has served in this capacity since his election in 2011. Upon retirement, his denominational service in the Michigan and Wisconsin conferences will span 43 years, to the day, from when he began working for the church. 

He has served in treasury functions for the Adventist Church since graduating from Andrews University, with a Master’s in Business Administration, in 1980. He began his work as a business intern for the Michigan Conference. Shortly thereafter, he became assistant treasurer, then under treasurer and corporation secretary. After serving in the Michigan Conference for 31 years, Stephan accepted the call to Wisconsin. 

Stephan shared the news with members of the Wisconsin Conference Executive Committee on March 1, 2023. During his announcement, Stephan said, “I feel it is time to slow down and shift into retirement. It is time to change my ministry to my family now.”  

He stated that throughout his time in Wisconsin he has worked with a lot of good people and that his colleagues and the many committee members he has served with have all been excellent. He further shared, “It has been an absolute privilege working these 43 years for the church. I would not change anything. I have enjoyed it and still do.”  

In closing, Stephan wanted to give a special thanks to Mike Edge, former president of the Wisconsin Conference, who had to call him twice before he accepted the call to Wisconsin. He says, “It has been a blessing. It is wonderful. Thank you.” 


Reaction to the news

“Brian has been a great blessing to our conference,” said Wisconsin Conference President, Titus Naftanaila. “His proficient management, competent leadership, and steadfast commitment to the mission of our church has led our conference to a strong financial position.” He further notes, “When Brian started his ministry in 2011, the conference net assets were around one million dollars and today with, God’s blessing, they stand at over four million dollars.” 

Speaking of his time working with Stephan, Naftanaila said, “My colleagues and I have enjoyed working with him and will miss him greatly. We wish him and Cindy God’s blessing on the next phase of their journey.“ 

Brian and his wife Cindy plan to relocate to Michigan to be closer to family. 


Laurella Case, Communication Coordinator for Wisconsin Conference