All six names recommended by the Wisconsin Conference nominating committee were elected to serve for the 2022‒2026 quadrennium. Left to right: Brian Stephan; executive secretary/treasurer; Titus Naftanaila, president; Bill Ochs, Planned Giving and Trust Services director; Adam Case, Ministerial director; Zack Payne, Youth director; Sue Nelson, superintendent for Education. Photo credit: Felicia Tonga.

December 22, 2022

Wisconsin Leaders Re-Elected at Constituency Meeting

Conference is experiencing unprecedented growth

The 39th constituency session of the Wisconsin Conference convened on Oct. 16, 2022, at the Wisconsin Academy chapel. 

All six names recommended by the nominating committee were elected to serve for the 2022‒2026 quadrennium: Titus Naftanaila, president; Brian Stephan; executive secretary/treasurer; Adam Case, Ministerial director; Sue Nelson, superintendent for Education; Zack Payne, Youth director; Bill Ochs, Planned Giving and Trust Services director. 

Upon his election, Naftanaila said he was humbled by the call to serve alongside the rest of the team. “It is not about me; We are here, together, by God’s grace,” he said. “We pray and hope that God won’t be disappointed and the great conference of Wisconsin will be satisfied.” 

Highlights from the President’s Report include: 

  • God has blessed Wisconsin in 2021 with the highest number of baptisms in the last nine years – 225!  

  • Schools in Wisconsin have an enrollment of 400 students, the highest in the last five years. One new school, Frederic Adventist Christian School, opened. 

  • The Planned Giving and Trust Services Department is currently responsible for 400 estate plans and has initiated more than 120 new or updated wills, trusts and charitable gift annuities. In the last four years, a total of $992,601 has benefited the Wisconsin Conference. 

  • Club Ministries is on the rise. Over 200 young people attended the 2022 Wisconsin Conference Pathfinder Fair. The department made history by hosting the conference’s first Master Guide Camporee. Public Campus Ministries has grown and now has local chapters on four public campuses.  

A link to view the report booklet is available at: 

During his report, executive secretary/treasurer Brian Stephan presented a recommended change on behalf of the Constitution and Bylaws committee. Delegates voted to allow the possibility of conducting the constituency session online in the event of extenuating circumstances, as determined by the executive committee.  

Although there has been a decline in the last few years, the membership report indicates 2021 was a banner year — the highest membership in nine years. With the 559 baptisms in the last four years, and accounting for professions of faith, transfers and removals, Wisconsin Conference current membership is 7,681. 

In 2019, the conference had a tithe decrease. However, multiple blessings during the unprecedented COVID lockdown brought the Conference to an even better position, including an increase in tithe over the last two years. 

A detailed report of the constituency meeting is available at: 


Laurella Case, Communication coordinator