Our prayer and desire are that camp meeting will be a spiritual blessing to each one.

April 28, 2023

With All Boldness

Michigan Camp Meeting 2023

In Acts 4:29, Peter and John point us to a divine calling to boldness. The two apostles are released after an encounter with the chief priests and elders, and immediately lift their voices in prayer, saying, “Now, Lord, look on their threats, and grant to Your servants that with all boldness they may speak your word.”

Our conference president, Jim Micheff, will open camp meeting with his message Friday evening. Our main speaker for the first Sabbath through Tuesday night will be Stephen Bohr, president of Secrets Unsealed, who has committed his life to spreading a cutting-edge gospel message for these last days.

Each morning of camp meeting will begin with an early morning worship by Tim Rumsey, the director of Pathway to Paradise Ministries, a supporting ministry that provides training and educational resources in the areas of family, health and the Bible. Our speaker for the mid-morning meeting will be Dwain Esmond, associate director and editor of the Ellen G. White Estate. Randy Skeete, an international evangelist, originally from Barbados, will be the main speaker from Wednesday through Friday evening. Shawn Boonstra, Voice of Prophecy speaker and director, will speak for the divine service on the second Sabbath morning, and will close out camp meeting on Sabbath evening.

Our prayer and desire are that camp meeting will be a spiritual blessing to each one. As we devote a few days to seek the Lord together, may the hearts of old and young be encouraged and strengthened in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Please visit the Michigan Conference website for more information: www.misda.org.

Michigan Camp Meeting

Dates: June 9–17, 2023
Location: Great Lakes Adventist Academy, 7477 M575, Cedar Lake MI 48812
Phone: 517-316-1512

Hispanic Camp Meeting

Dates: May 26–28, 2023
Location: Camp Au Sable, 2590 Camp Au Sable Dr, Grayling MI 49738

Upper Peninsula Camp Meeting

Dates: Sept. 8–10, 2023
Location: Camp Sagola, 2885 State Hwy M-69, Crystal Falls MI 49920

Justin Ringstaff is executive secretary of the Michigan Conference.