September 5, 2018

You can Get There from Here - through Prayer

Hearing the voice of God can happen in some of the most unlikely places. Let me explain. 

While conducting an outreach session at one of the local abuse shelters one Sabbath afternoon, one of the dear ladies relayed a story that highlighted God’s will for her life. Specifically, she heard a voice tell her, in the middle of the night, that she was going to be called for a job. The short version of this story – she heard His voice twice with the same message and, despite her disbelief that God cared for someone incarcerated and in spite of “naysayers,” she DID get the job!  


On another occasion at the shelter, another woman was told by His voice to stay and just wipe the table. . . .  She wondered why, but there was something in our message during that outreach session that she needed to hear. We later found out that His voice had alerted her to events that were about to happen only HE could have orchestrated! Praise His Holy Name!!  


See how our God works! I am sure you can testify to the sweet, distinct sound of God’s voice and how He has interceded in your life, quite possibly at a time when you needed to hear the exact message He had for you. Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good (Psalm 34:8). 


In my life, I can recall many times He provided the information, alert or peace that I needed in various situations. How amazing is that! And you know it is Him, because the information is provided as only He can. But this does not happen by chance, my Brothers and Sisters. A relationship needs to be cultivated and nurtured on a regular basis with the Father. No special equipment or life status is needed. Only the sincere desire to seek and learn from Him and let Him lead your life. That portal, from you to Him, can only be established through prayer.  


He has always been there for each of us. Not just in the difficult, “what-am-I-going-to-do” times, but in the still, quiet, “Lord-I-just-need-you” times. 


We know that life on this earth is tricky at best. But, remember, only the hand of the Almighty can maintain and sustain His people. So, my prayer for you is to be encouraged and uplifted in the knowledge that there is nothing, not one blessed thing, you could ever need that He cannot provide! You are His and He is yours — forever!! 


As this Earth’s history continues to spiral down to the day of His magnificent return, may we all find strength in He who never fails, never sleeps and never stops loving each of His children. Keep looking up, my friend, the very best is yet to come!