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Times of the Sign

“What can we do?” That thought occupied my mind as I watched the nation again turn its attention to another senseless killing of a Black individual in America at the hands of the police. What could our churches do, in this moment, to address the continued injustice and oppression faced by the Black community?

8 min read
Justice and Mercy — Jesus’ Way

The word quickly spread through the synagogue that Sabbath day. “Jesus, the son of Joseph is here!” Already the word had spread about this Son of Nazareth who had been preaching in towns in other synagogues and had performed miracles. He was now back home. 

5 min read
Who is My Neighbor?

In light of the murder of George Floyd and a renewed highlight of historical and current systemic racism endured by African Americans in America, a number of believers have been asking the question, “What can we do? Where do we go from here? And what is the responsibility of the church, especially for Christians who identify as Seventh-day Adventists?”

4 min read
Bringing the Generations Together

Myoung Kwon The average age of church members is getting older (1) by seven years than society in general, and we currently live in a time of segregation...

2 min read
The Post-Minneapolis Years—2

How beautiful are the feet of those who preach good news! (Rom. 10:15, RSV) The months following Minneapolis were strenuous for Ellen White, Jones and...

2 min read
If We Do Well, It Will Go Well

Lake Union Conference president Maurice Valentine shares his perspective on losing sight of the last six Ten Commandments.

6 min read
Faithfulness in Time of Fear

After serving 16 years in the mission field, I asked the General Conference for permission to return to the United States. My request was granted, and I was assigned to be treasurer of the Mountain View Conference, the conference for the state of West Virginia.

3 min read
Growing Pains

I am a millennial, a person of color, a woman and a Christian. I have experienced what most young people do during their college years: a desire for enlightenment, and an understanding of what the world is and what part I play in it.

2 min read
Lynn Gray posthumously named Michigan Family Physician of the Year

Since first joining the Academy in 1978, he was actively engaged and served in many leadership positions to advance his specialty and support his peers across the state.

2 min read
Seeing Clearly

You may remember we introduced you to Lauren Mills in the October 2017 Herald. Most recently her art was featured as part of the #wishyouknew youth mental health campaign, where her artwork was placed on buses throughout Michigan’s Washtenaw County to spark honest and supportive conversations about mental health between youth and adults.

2 min read
Indiana Conference votes to keep the Indiana ABC open

It has been clear for some years that the entire Adventist Book Center (ABC) industry has been in decline. There are many reasons for this: (1) the movement from printed materials to digital formats, (2) free access to EGW writings, (3) competition from Amazon and other retailers, and (4) declining interest among younger generations. 

2 min read
Cadillac youth distribute food to community

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit home for many people. Economic hardship has fallen on millions of families as unemployment numbers skyrocket. Churches and other places of worship have closed, and many people have not seen their loved ones in months. 

2 min read
Andrews Speaks: Learning to play 

As Andrews University transitioned to remote learning and working in response to COVID-19, Season Two of the Andrews University podcast, Andrews Speaks, was launched. The podcast explored living and learning in a time of social distancing and included the topics of change, health, science and ethics.   

2 min read
Q & A with Calvin Rock

Calvin B. Rock has been a major leadership voice in the Seventh-day Adventist Church for more than six decades as a pastor, church administrator and writer. He was president of Oakwood University from 1971 to 1985 and general vice president of the General Conference from 1985 until his retirement in 2002. He has been an active participant in North American Adventism’s continuing discussions of race relations.

8 min read
¿Cómo podemos conseguir la unidad entre culturas?

“Los que ocupan posiciones de responsabilidad necesitarán sabiduría de lo alto para actuar justamente, para amar la misericordia y para demostrar...

2 min read
Praying Like You’re Part of The Problem

The past few months have turned the world upside down and troubling events have pushed an already divided nation further apart. One of the beautiful aspects...

2 min read
Lake Union statement on police brutality and racial turmoil

The officers of the Lake Union are heartbroken over the recent tragic death of George Floyd, one of many unarmed African Americans who have died during an encounter with local law enforcement officers.

3 min read