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September 2021 Issue



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A Conscious Conclusion

I was born in room number 22, Pune Adventist Hospital, India. Before I could walk, I was ready to fly — as one month later I boarded a flight with my mother and sister to join my father at Solusi University, Zimbabwe, where my parents worked as professors.

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Learning to Trust

As an Andrews University freshman, Jonika Scott received exciting news — Camp Au Sable directors were on campus to recruit summer staff.

2 min read
Stewards of our relationships

I walk in the mornings with the nicest couple. Dave and Judy arrive at my mailbox at 5:30, and we engage in non-stop chatter for the next forty-five minutes. Last week I asked Dave how his recent business trip had gone, and he responded by asking me if I wanted the detailed version or a quick recap. Because I love his stories, I chose the detailed version.

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Believe and You Will Receive

It was the final spring Passover of Jesus’ earthly life. In fact, it was the final week of Jesus’ life.

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Andrews University announces Office of Undergraduate Education

In June 2021, Andrews University announced the new Office of Undergraduate Education, created to support the work of faculty, departments, schools and colleges on the Andrews University campus.

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In My Life...

Two alumni share their experiences with being students at Andrews University.

6 min read
Primer Congreso Virtual de la Mujer

La Escuela de Salud Pública de Harvard presentó en el 2012 los resultados de una encuesta realizada a mujeres en Estados Unidos, durante 16 años (1996-2012), estos resultados evidencian que las mujeres cristianas que asisten a su iglesia con regularidad o se congregan para adorar y alabar, viven más años que aquellas que no concurren a sus reuniones o cultos.

1 min read
By Grace and Faith

For some, deciding on a life’s direction is an ongoing journey. Others know very early on what work their aspirations and passions will lead them to. Nant Yadanar Precious is someone who knew from a young age what she was meant to do: care for others. 

7 min read
A Passion for Service

Nehemiah Sitler lived with his family in the Chicago area. He was used to the hustle and bustle of the city and the close proximity to pretty much any type of store or food imaginable. When his dad received a job offer in a relatively rural area of Tennessee, the resulting move was quite an adjustment. Thankfully, Nehemiah found one bright spot: the opportunity to attend Heritage Academy, which offered aviation training.

10 min read
Former NAD Comm director to teach photography and film at Andrews University

Daniel Weber, who has served as the North American Division (NAD) communication director since 2014, is joining the Andrews University communication program. He will teach photography, film and general communication classes.

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