Watermelon putting smiles on everyone's faces at the Indiana Camp Meeting. Photo credit: Joshua Pedrozza

June 23, 2022

Power and Praise

Camp meetings spark revival in Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin

Between June 10-18, three conferences held summer camps and the following reports indicate that the crowds experienced an outpouring of God’s power. Scores were baptized or made decisions to follow Jesus Christ. Below are reports we have received.



Indiana Camp Meeting kicked off their summer program June 13-18 with featured speakers Dwight K. Nelson, Mike & Pam Tucker, David DeRose, Neville Peter, Brian Strayer, Tom & Alane Waters, and Jose Cortes Sr. There were daily inspiring talks on marriage and family life, living longer and healthier, and history on the Hoosier Adventist pioneers as well as music and salvation stories by and about Jesus. Weekly children’s programs included a Lego Exhibition featuring Bible story creations, swimming, games, a watermelon feed, a softball game, and so much more.

On the second Sabbath on June 18, friends and family celebrated the ordination of David DeRose, who has been serving God as both pastor and medical doctor and currently serves as pastor to the Fort Wayne First Adventist Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In a continuation of blessings, many were baptized that Sabbath evening with 15 more making the decision to be baptized.

Katie Fellows is the Lake Union Communication Specialist.

Photos by Joshua Pedrozza



Camp Meeting has a rich history in Michigan that dates to 1868 when the first Seventh-day camp meeting was held in Wright, Michigan. One hundred and fifty-four years later and this year’s meeting has lived up to its legacy. Camp Meeting started June 10 and concluded June 18. The theme for this year, “Knowing the Time”, was based upon Romans 13:11. Speakers included John Bradshaw, Neil Nedley, Adam Ramdin, and Philip Samaan. Throughout the week, attendees had the opportunity to participate in many activities, including the Fun Run, a 5K run that benefited Great Lakes Adventist Academy; donating blood to the Red Cross; a Fieldwork project that benefited the local community; partaking in delicious food, and listening to a wide variety of speakers on an assortment of topics. Another highlight was three baptisms: two from the Children’s division, and one during the second Sabbath soul-winning inning hour.

Finale video: https://vimeo.com/722014565

Samuel Girven, 15, is a student at Northview Adventist School and ASPIRE Academy.



As my family and I drove onto the beautiful Camp Wakonda campgrounds, it was our first visit and we weren’t sure what to expect. We were pleasantly welcomed at the front entrance and directed to the parking lot. We immediately knew we’d have an enjoyable experience.

Sabbath service was truly a high time in the Lord. The personal testimony delivered through the spoken word by Dr. Ben Maxson was heartfelt, speaking on the passion of Christ’s love and the need for His people to focus on love in spreading God’s message to the world.

Another highlight of the morning service was the singing of “I Can Only Imagine” by the camp meeting choir accompanied by a string ensemble. Youthful and mature voices harmonized to lift the name of Jesus through song and instruments.

God greatly blessed, not only through the morning service, but also with beautiful weather. Despite strong storms blowing through earlier in the week, we enjoyed mostly sunny skies with temperatures in the mid-70s and a nice breeze throughout the Sabbath day. This perfect weather was an opportunity for many to eat lunch outdoors, take a walk around the grounds and even enjoy a nice outside nap.

While there were many amazing highlights throughout the day, a phenomenal one came during the afternoon. We, along with Heaven, rejoiced as we witnessed 13 individuals, many of them young people, dedicate their lives to God through baptism. Through their public commitment and a final appeal, another young person decided to make their stand and was baptized. Witnessing individuals excitingly dedicate their lives to Christ will always be a remarkable highlight for me. While it takes a great amount of work, effort, and financial commitments to produce a camp meeting, when souls are won for the Kingdom, it makes it all worth it

Jermaine Jackson is the Lake Union Associate Treasurer.

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