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Sisterhood of Service

Amy Ratsara is up at 6 a.m. doing her daily personal devotions before getting herself ready for the day. When her three-year-old and nine-month-old children wake up, they all sit down to breakfast, followed by worship, before Ratsara passes the baton to the nanny and heads upstairs to her makeshift home office to begin her work day.

28 min read
Stewardship and Forgiveness?

When it comes to stewardship, our minds generally gravitate to the areas of money, time, the earth, our health and the gospel. All of these parts and more come under the realm of being a faithful manager.

2 min read
Desiring More

For Jodi, born and raised in the Adventist community, the pattern of attending weekly church services, joining her local Pathfinder club and choosing baptism played out right on time. Jodi loved her community; she loved her church; she loved God. However, it wasn’t until recently that she learned what it means to live out her faith.

1 min read
Leaders vote to postpone General Conference Session 2020 for second time

Due to COVID-19, world church quinquennial event now scheduled for June 6‒11, 2022.

3 min read
Meet W.W. Prescott

Those whom I love, I reprove and chasten; so be zealous and repent. Rev. 3:19, RSV.

2 min read
Perfectly Strange

Many of us are familiar with the childhood allegory, “The Ugly Duckling.” It is an all too familiar story about what it means to feel like an outsider.

2 min read
Proclaiming Christ in the Marketplace

ASI is a Seventh-day Adventist organization of supporting ministries, businesses and professionals who are responding to the call of God to actively share Christ’s love and hope with the world.

2 min read
Intercessory Prayer: It’s a Three-way Street

Let us explore the true historical narrative of a wealthy man who the Christian world of his day deemed “heathen” and “off limits” just the kind of person Christ loves to save.

2 min read
Rhonda Tomenko joins faculty of Andrews University

Rhonda Tomenko has joined the faculty of Andrews University as an assistant professor in the School of Communication Sciences & Disorders.

2 min read