March 2023 Issue

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March 2023 Issue


Value in Unexpected Places

You know the story of Elisha and the widow (2 Kings 4). To refresh your memory, it’s about the widow who was experiencing grief, anxiety and fear, and approached the prophet with concerns about her family, their debt, their economic future and their survival.

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The Neglected Sister of Prayer

The concept of talking to the God of the universe is a wonderful, amazing thing. Wonderful, because who would think that you could have a conversation with the One who created you. And amazing, because He even listens and responds!

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La Iglesia Adventista necesita usar nuevos métodos

“Según la providencia de Dios, los que han estado soportando la carga de su obra se han estado esforzando por poner nueva vida en métodos antiguos de trabajo, y también por inventar nuevos planes y nuevos métodos para despertar el interés de los miembros de la iglesia para que realicen un esfuerzo unido a fin de alcanzar el mundo” (Consejos Sobre Mayordomía Cristiana, Page 199).

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From Personal Trauma to Global Impact

The Seventh-day Adventist Church is indebted to Rachel Oaks Preston (née Harris) (1809–1868), a Seventh Day Baptist, for sharing the biblical truth about the seventh-day Sabbath with a group of Advent believers in 1844.

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The Gospel in the City

A few months after I was elected president of the Illinois Conference in 2001, my wife and I took some visitors to the Hancock Building in Chicago. In the observation deck high above the streets of Chicago we could see for miles in all directions. While our guests were watching the sailboats out on the blue waters of Lake Michigan, I was on the other side of the deck staring out at the vastness that is Chicagoland.

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Current Matters

Seminary Establishes the Center for Community Change

The Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University is establishing the Andrews Center for Community Change (ACCC). The mission of the ACCC is to help pastors in North America engage their churches with their communities. 

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Indiana Church Feeds Hundreds Every Week

Reaching out to your neighbors may seem like an intimidating task. However, for one church, what started as an ​​evangelistic series flier left at a door turned into a massive community project that now touches the lives of hundreds of people every Sabbath afternoon.

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Mission Clinic Cares for Record Number of Patients

Nearly 200 people received free medical care at a Mission Clinic sponsored by AdventHealth Hinsdale and AdventHealth La Grange to help individuals and families who cannot afford healthcare services.

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Wisconsin Receives $80,000 to Nurture Public Campus Ministry

In January, Wisconsin Conference welcomed the new year with an answer to an audacious prayer request.

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Grayling-Based Online Cooking Show to Conclude After Three Seasons

After three seasons, Home Cooking with Chef Miguel Larcher, an online cooking show produced by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Michigan, and renowned chef Miguel Larcher, will conclude on Dec.13, 2022, at 6:30 P.M.

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Meet the New Lake Union Women’s Ministries Director

At the Lake Union executive committee meeting on Nov. 26, 2022, Jane Harris was elected to serve as the next Lake Union Women’s Ministries leader.

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Free Dental Health Clinic Fills Need in Southwest Michigan

The Niles Westside Church hosted a free dental health clinic on Sunday, November 6, so as to meet needs in the community.

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Cold Streets, Warm Hearts

Inner City Michigan Church Ventures Out to Spread Hope

1 min read
Fall 2022 Andrews University Enrollment and Rankings Report

Tied for Top Diverse National University and Ranked as Top Private, Christian and Small University in the State of Michigan

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Bringing Hope to the Harbor

Over the summer, Taurus Montgomery pastor of Harbor of Hope church in Benton Harbor, Michigan began to see a rise in violence. The violence hit home for him.

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Publishing Ministry Still Going Strong 50 Years Later

If you were around during the seventies and eighties and lived in the Lake Union, you might remember PROJECT: Steps to Christ. It was in the Lake Union in the region of Chicagoland that this ministry, born out of a vision to take the gospel to every home through the mass mailing of Steps to Christ, made its first debut.

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