May 2020 Issue

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May 2020 Issue




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On the Frontlines Healthcare Workers Battle Pandemic with Resiliency

Physicians, nurses and other associates at AMITA Health arrived on the COVID-19 front lines earlier than most U.S. healthcare providers.

5 min read
Lake Union approves guidelines on sexuality and gender; tithing and membership numbers up

The Lake Union approved guidelines on sexuality and gender for Church institutions at the March 4, 2020 executive committee meeting.

3 min read
Delight to Do God’s Will

As Nayeli Nix examined her commitments, she wondered how she could help revive the Federation Jovenes Adventist Hispanos (FeJAH) in Indiana. My family...

2 min read
Love, Liberty and Worship in the Time of Coronavirus

How should the Church carry out its mission during a worldwide pandemic? How can it preach the gospel and protect its religious freedoms at a time when most churches around the country are closed for worship? 

9 min read
Lake Union churches are still open: Ministry in the midst of a pandemic 

Adapting to a fast-paced world has long been a challenge for many churches. Technology is advancing faster than most can learn it, and with so many responsibilities on our plates, keeping up with modern technology often takes a back seat.    

7 min read
Dealing with Change

Working in a school of a university setting means living in a constant environment of change — new students, new course material, finding new ways to present old material, seeking creative ways to support, encourage and nurture the minds and hearts of every student. In the words of Ellen White, “. . .the work of education and redemption are one.” And redemption, by its very nature, is about bringing change.  

4 min read