June/July 2020 Issue

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June/July 2020 Issue



Current Matters

ADRA International commits $150,000 to support ACS food pantries 

The international Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) has committed $150,000 to support Adventist Community Services (ACS) food pantries in the...

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Adventist camps in the North American Division provide Summer 2020 Camp Report

Every summer throughout the North American Division (NAD), Adventist camps host summer camp evangelism at about 60 camps. With the impact of COVID-19 and...

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Peoria Adventists produce videos aimed at post-Christian audience

When Matthew Lucio, pastor of the Peoria Church, was growing up, evangelism meant that preachers expected everyone to bring a Bible and know how to use it....

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Messages of hope shared during COVID-19

Bill was at a gas station pumping gas when, suddenly, he felt a strong impression to give a GLOW tract to a well-dressed woman on the other side of the...

2 min read
Battle Creek refugees learn to Think Healthy

Earlier this year, representatives from ASAP Ministries (ASAP), Andrews University (AU) and local Adventist congregations partnered to launch a unique health...

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Health and Hope in Uncertain Times

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought constant change to the daily lives of everyone around the world. The uncertainty has caused many to rethink their approach...

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Milton Torres: Husband, Father, Registered Nurse and Church Member

Giving to Others is Key 

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Doing school online: Plenty of tech tools and a learning curve

It’s early morning as the alarm clock goes off, much later than it usually would on a school day. Patrice Jenkins, Hinsdale Adventist Academy 3rd and 4th grade teacher, gets up and goes through her new morning routine of reviewing her lesson plans and preparing for her Zoom class at 10 a.m. with her students. This is the new normal for the Chicago-area teacher, as well as other educators across the Lake Union, after the abrupt closure of schools as the nation confronts the Covid-19 pandemic.

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More Articles

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Jamie Fisher prayed for God’s leading in her life and He led her to evangelism. She wanted to share the love of Jesus by acts of service to the community, but was unsure of what the community needs were. After doing some research, Jamie and her pastor, Tom Michalski, found the resounding answer was that children in the community needed essentials.

2 min read
Move More - Sit Less

Take a quick moment and ask yourself how much time, on average, you spend sitting throughout the day. Now think about how much of that time you spend sitting in one stretch. What did you come up with?   

2 min read
No Place Like Home

Adoption can be a difficult process, even for a cat! My parents recently adopted two kittens, but they were from different litters.

2 min read
Camp Wakonda | Wisconsin

Have you ever seen the wonder, or perhaps terror, in a kid's eyes as they touch a reptile for the first time? That is a feeling that I was privileged to experience this past summer. I used to be scared of snakes. It was a fear that I inherited from my father, and one that I was always okay with keeping.

2 min read
Camp Akita | Illinois

As I drove along the endless highways, pass the vast cornfields of Central Illinois, my thoughts turned to the hidden gem that has changed my life immeasurably. Ever since I was a junior camper some 10 years ago, I discovered the extraordinary outreach possibilities of Camp Akita.

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Timber Ridge Camp | Indiana

Zachery, his brother, Timothy, and his dad, Ethyn Vassar, have been regulars attending Timber Ridge Camp for many years. Zachery has been diagnosed with a developmental disability that makes it very difficult to interact with others around him. As a result, he is mostly nonverbal; when he does communicate, he is hard to understand. In frustration, he exhibits outbursts and moments of anger. 

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Camp Au Sable | Michigan

During staff orientation of my first summer working at camp, I remember being amazed every evening as I watched the sun set over Lake Shellenbarger. As I continued to explore Camp Au Sable, I began to love the beautiful pine trees, walks around the boardwalk and the quietness of the Northwoods. I etched in my journal that first week, “Could this place be any more beautiful?” 

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Our Family's Journey with COVID-19

The Hamel family has deep roots in Berrien Springs and the Andrews University community. Born in St. Joseph and growing up in Berrien Springs, Loren and Lowell returned after medical school at Loma Linda and residency at Hinsdale to practice medicine

12 min read
Hold On!

Picture if you will, four angels holding fabric that slips ever so slightly from their hands as the weight of the world bears down in the center of a sheet-like cloth which they are grasping as tightly as they can. The muscles in their arms, hands, and especially their fingers, begin to burn as they attempt to keep the sheet from slipping. 

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