June/July 2020 Issue

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June/July 2020 Issue




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No Place Like Home

Adoption can be a difficult process, even for a cat! My parents recently adopted two kittens, but they were from different litters.

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Camp Wakonda | Wisconsin

Have you ever seen the wonder, or perhaps terror, in a kid's eyes as they touch a reptile for the first time? That is a feeling that I was privileged to experience this past summer. I used to be scared of snakes. It was a fear that I inherited from my father, and one that I was always okay with keeping.

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Camp Akita | Illinois

As I drove along the endless highways, pass the vast cornfields of Central Illinois, my thoughts turned to the hidden gem that has changed my life immeasurably. Ever since I was a junior camper some 10 years ago, I discovered the extraordinary outreach possibilities of Camp Akita.

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Timber Ridge Camp | Indiana

Zachery, his brother, Timothy, and his dad, Ethyn Vassar, have been regulars attending Timber Ridge Camp for many years. Zachery has been diagnosed with a developmental disability that makes it very difficult to interact with others around him. As a result, he is mostly nonverbal; when he does communicate, he is hard to understand. In frustration, he exhibits outbursts and moments of anger. 

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Camp Au Sable | Michigan

During staff orientation of my first summer working at camp, I remember being amazed every evening as I watched the sun set over Lake Shellenbarger. As I continued to explore Camp Au Sable, I began to love the beautiful pine trees, walks around the boardwalk and the quietness of the Northwoods. I etched in my journal that first week, “Could this place be any more beautiful?” 

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Our Family's Journey with COVID-19

The Hamel family has deep roots in Berrien Springs and the Andrews University community. Born in St. Joseph and growing up in Berrien Springs, Loren and Lowell returned after medical school at Loma Linda and residency at Hinsdale to practice medicine

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